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what is share market. | 10000 to 600 crores|

what is share market. | 10000 to 600 crores|

As we are aware about the current scenario how rapidly the share market is declining

It is definitely possible to make greater returns during a down market than in an up market, because stocks have the potential to move higher from a lower starting point In long term. if you want to start invest in market this time is best . if your investment is right your money will definitely rose up. we are here for you for educate how to pick right stocks?
what is share market ?


All businesses require capital and some require a significant amount for expand their business . So, many business owners sell ownership of their company in small fragments what we call shares. for sell their small part of their company they comes to stock exchanges. they list their company first then they will be eligible for sell their company's part. then you buy any share of company then you become a share holder of the company.

what is share market ?


Buying stocks of the company makes us the Companion of happiness and sorrow.As market goes will earn profit and good money is made. Consequently a good profit for the investor.

advantages of buying of share.

Interesting facts

 If you had invested 1 lakh rupees in bajaj finance 10 years ago, then in 2019 you would have about 5 crores.

bajaj finance

If you invested Rs 10,000 in wipro in 1983, it would have become Rs 600 crore in 2019.

wipro share price history

If a person did not buy a bullet bike in 2001 (which was 55000 in 2001) and invest in eicher moters (bullet making company), then the total value of your money would be 6.28 crores.

eicher moters share price history

There are many more quotes like this where investors have earned well and the common people have benefited well, if a person invests his money in nifty then he will get better returns from mutual funds in the long run.

How to invest in share market?

To invest in a share market, you have to have a D-mat account. A D-mat account is an account in which our stock is in store and we can buy and sell shares from our account, earlier these were two different accounts. But now we get the same facility in one account

how to open trading account

Where to open this d-mat trading account?

We need to open this account with a broker. We cannot buy shares from direct company. To buy shares, we have to have this account and we cannot buy the stock exchange directly, we have to have a D-mat trading account for buying shares. Keep in mind brokers are good, cheap and reliable.

d-mat trading account

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brokerage charge

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