Tuesday, December 27, 2022

how can we reduces losses in share market .

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 Today we will talking about how to reduces losses in share market . there are lot of things that we need to remember when we make an investment in stock market but in this blog we cover top technique that will be helpful to you. 

 we will not talk about fundamental analysis and another parameter by which most of people aware about .we will discuss about some hidden technique which a investor gain with their investment journey .

so, we are talking about how to find best time to buy a stock . as we all know stock never go sharp vertical up side instead of this share travel like a stair . you can se in  this picture .

higher low trend
we can also call it higher low trend . so when ever you chose any stock to invest make sure you buy it in the higher low of the trend . a normal trend distance between higher high to higher low in between 10 to 25 % . and this is very high return in light of compounded . 

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